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Business Administration Salary Guide

It would be an incredible understatement to say many people have an interest in a career in business administration. Each year, untold scores of recent college graduates opt to head into the business world in a variety of different capacities. Then, there are those who may have been in the workforce for many years now looking to switch to the business sector.

When you combined the sheer number of people looking for work in business administration, the sheer numbers might prove quite surprising. The business world is quite exciting and there are many positive benefits for working in it. Of course, one of those benefits could be good pay.

Actually, there is a wide range of pay in the world of business administration depending upon the actual job that you perform. For those curious about the salary range that exists among positions in business administration, here is a brief overview: Business Administration Salary varies from state to state

Entry Level Support or Administration Work

The salary range of clerical, administrative, and mailroom duty work can range from internship/volunteer/minimum wage level to $15 per hour. Generally, work on the entry level scale will be on the low end without very many options for high wages. As work becomes more specialized and requires more experience or education, the yearly salary will increase.

Lower or Entry Level Management and Non-Specialized Help

• Administrative Assistant – $29,000 – $32,000
• Customer Service Representative – $30,000 – $32,000
• Executive Assistant — $43,000
• Office Manager – $38,000
• Retail Store Manage – $41,000
• Executive Administrative Assistant – $36,000

Business Administration Salary

As most can see, the low $30k to low $40k range would be where most salaries fall once you enter into a basic first tier managerial position. As you enter into other capacities, the work becomes more specialized and the pay becomes more appropriate.

Salaries in Business Administration: Higher Educational Background and Specialized Help

• Marketing Director — $65,000 – $150,000
• Financial Controller – $56,000 – $123,000
• Project Manager, Information Technology – $57,000 – $100,000
• Marketing Director — $65,000 – $168,000
• Financial Analyst – $24,000 – $92,000
• Senior Financial Analyst – $50,000 – $100,000
• Operations Manager – $35,000 — $180,000
• Chief Financial Officer – $60,000 – $225,000
• Project Manager in Construction – $77,000
• HR Director – $72,000
• Human Resources Manager – $61,000
• Senior Accountant — $51,000

Business Administration Salary

Highly Specialized Positions /Higher Level Education

• Consulting – $100,000
• Technical Expert – $98,000
• Energy Utility – $100,000
• Manufacturing – $98,000

Business Administration Salary

Once again, the business administration salary ranges listed herein can vary depending on a wide range of factors. The quoted per annum figures are reflective of a national average. Experience, education, geographical region, the size of the company, and other factors will all weigh together in order to arrive at a per year figure for a particular job or position.

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